For Businesses

First Night Alexandria is good for Businesses

First Night Alexandria is a great way to spend New Year's Eve with family and friends in a safe, accessible and fun way! It's also great for Alexandria businesses because through surveys, attendees tell us they want to shop and they want to come back to businesses they visited on New Year's Eve.

"First Night Alexandria is a perfect event to end each year and welcome the new one.  I am delighted so many of our residents participate in various ways and we welcome the thousands of adults and children from all across the region and country who join us for our celebration!  As the Mayor of Alexandria I support the City's participation in this grand event!"

Honorable Allison Silberberg, Mayor, Alexandria, VA

Consider these facts about this annual event and you get the picture:
  • Tourists come! Nearly half of the 10,000 attendees regularly come from outside Alexandria
  • Without it, Alexandria would be very quiet!  80% of attendees told us they would not or may not have come to Alexandria on December 31st if there was not a First Night celebration.
  • Participants bring their spending money: Over and above the cost of admission, attendees spent an average of $50 each!
  • What does it mean for BUSINESS and our CITY? How about this: the estimated rate of return to the city from First Night Alexandria since 2001 is $5.5 million dollars!


Put Your Business First on First Night

Here's how:

  • Hotels: Offer First Night Alexandria accommodation packages utilizing First Night Fun Packs. Advertise! We can help with content! Just contact the First Night staff. Email:
  • Retailers: Be open! Take advantage of the 10,000 revelers on New Year's Eve! The streets will be alive with the sound of BUSINESS! We'll give you a First Night gift certificate to offer as a door prize at your establishment. Build excitement and reward your customers.  Host an afternoon activity that we will publicize or be an evening venue!
  • Restaurants: Make First Night admission badges part of your New Year's Eve dinner packages for your customers! Ask about discounts when you buy 20 or more. Advertise using this great marketing tool! We can help with the content.
  • Corporate & Other Businesses: Give First Night Alexandria admission badges to employees, clients and colleagues as holiday gifts of appreciation! Admission badges are a great way to say "thanks!" to everyone on your business holiday list. Ask us about discounts when you buy 20 or more admission badges. Your employees will appreciate you and help bring business to our city!

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